Natural Grooves - About Us



GREAT DRUM LOOPS: Natural Grooves features only 100% acoustic drums, recorded by a host of professional studio drummers from both the New York City and San Francisco areas. We offer pure rhythmic inspiration in a variety of popular songwriting styles in comprehensive groove sets - containing a variety of drum loops that you can combine to build a great drum track for your song. All of our downloadable drum loop and drum sample sets are grouped by sessions to give you the utmost in flexibility and cohesiveness. No more random groups of drum loops that are hard if not impossible to match. Each drum session represents one drum sound, recorded on the same day, using the same kit with the same player.

Mix and match loops from any single session (such as the Brass City Session or the Cornerstone Session for two examples) and you are assured any loop from that session will work with any other loop. Like to mix up feels or tempos? This unique Session System® allows you the creative freedom not found in many drum loop and drum sample packages. Being drummers, we are fully aware of what is needed for songwriters to create great sounding and believable drum tracks. Let Natural Grooves handle all of your drum duties - it's a job we do well.




HOW IT WORKS: Why wait weeks for your loops to arrive? In the download store, you can click on the folders to see how many loops are included, with a short description. From there, simply preview the folders from the different sessions, and add the ones you like to the shopping cart. Upon checkout, pay with any major card, get instructions via email within minutes and download your loop sets. Soon after, you will be working on new music!

We currently offer all of our grooves in either WAV or APPLE LOOPS (AIFF) formats. Be sure to consult our FAQ page to determine the correct format for your software or DAW if you are unsure. If you have stylistic questions or need recommendations, send us an email via the contact page. Since we played, recorded, and edited these drum loops and samples, we know what is what. While there are bigger loop providers, very few produce their own content and, as such, are unable to truly help you get the grooves you need. They simply sell them and that's it. Natural Grooves knows the content inside and out and can help make sure you get exactly the right grooves appropriate for your music and songwriting needs.




USING THE LOOPS: You'll find a full range of loops in each folder- including hihat and ride cymbal grooves, variations and fills. Al the loops in each session were recorded together, so you'll get a consistent drum sound for your song. If you prefer to build your own grooves, or want to augment what we provide, get the full complement of multi-velocity drum and cymbal sample set of the actual drums and cymbals. All these sets are license and royalty free. You're free to use the grooves and samples in any musical project, commercial or private.

Natural Grooves has provided incredibly thorough and all-inclusive drum sessions for your next songwriting project. All the rhythmic pieces are ready and at your disposal; your creativity and passion, along with Natural Grooves loops and samples, will take you further on your musical journey. That is our promise to you.