Natural Grooves - FEEDBACK (as of August 2010)


Praise " I am currently using your loops for my new album, I do play drums quite well, but I do not have the ability to record a real drum set at the moment so I am using your drum loops on the album... The sets sound amazing, and I am glad to say that i will most likely be using most of the sets from your site on my new album. When some songs are finished ill send an MP3 along your way.Till then, keep up the great work on the site, when some of the songs are finished i will send along an mp3."

Joseph Rhodes


Praise "Hi Rich,You have such great sounding material! When you add the new loops to your library, could you maybe date them? This way it is easier to keep track of what we have, without having to go look in our folders. I have really liked the loops that I already have purchased from you. I think I purchased almost every one! Take care Rich, and keep up the great work! Best wishes in all your future expansions."

Best Regards,

Steve Lucas (Canada)


Praise "Richard - thanks for the mail - downloaded all but two of the files (says that I've exceeded download limit - figured on trying again after 24 hours have expired) - Found you through Betamonkeymusic; just needed some very specific stuff for a project. You're to be complimented on the quality;
real drums sounding like real drums. Didn't ought to be hard but some people make such a meal of it - The site is bookmarked now so I'll look forward to subsequent releases - Regards, Cris Linscott (U.K.)


Praise "Hi Rich - Those are all the best loops I have ever heard --- Thank you again!!!! Mike Cavanaugh, Drummer and Guitarist


Praise "Richard, All went fine, I downloaded one of your sets on Saturday morning to have a noodle around with, was impressed so I came back for more! Nice stuff!" --Joe Kanzo


Praise "Great. As long as I'm wishing... I would like some loops that are primarily accents and off-beats. Something without a lot of beats that can could be used on breaks and turnarounds. Just wishing. Thanks, the loops work well, but I do need some basic simple patterns to go with the excellent drumming I've found here so far." -- Daryl Crowley


Praise" Tommy, Dude, thanks so much! It's downloading now. I have a weekend of pretty much nothing to do but music and this really helps!!! Rock on!" Joe Hamrick

Praise "I'm so happy you got in touch with me! I was even planning to write thanks for the awesome stuff. Because it really is just exactly what i needed. I like the webadress as well it's very smooth: "naturalgrooves" it's perfect!! PERFECT NAME FOR PERFECT GROOVES!! I've neved in my life ever had such a good oportunity to play with such good drums. And that's the truth!! It will forever change my way on looking at drums in music. This is the obvious choice for any musician.

Thanks!!! / Danny.

p.s. if you want you can share my comments in this mail, on your website. Please, if you do, write a html link to my website so people can check out my music. When i've written some stuff i'll contact you again!!! Please feel free to post my comments anywhere.


Praise "I listened to the samples I love the drummer and ove the beats -they are great. I use them in cubase/fruityloops. I have a lot of grooves I bought from you guys." Thanks, Gil Andrews


Praise "Hi Rich, I like your stuff. i've used your loops from the power set and Led Zep stuff quite a bit. -Andy Crosby


Praise "I just bought the Led style drums from your site. Sounds great!" Regards Erwin Steijlen


Praise "Thanks for checking back with me. The single hit pack that i bought is working out good. I'm mostly using them as a "helper" layer for kick and snare drums. I got a full length CD project that I am producing and engineering for a local band and have done a few single tracks that I used some sound replacement using your drum samples Thanks"! -- Mike Heald


Praise "I've bought two of your loops packs (60&120 and 70&140 BPM Power set) and i wanted to know which other pack you would advise me to
buy for making post rock music Thanks for your loops, they are great! Very very nice new loops.. I love them, that's exactly what i like.." --Frederic Villemin (France)


Praise "Thanks dudes, I am enjoying my downloads immensely, will grab more soon. A snippet for you, from your stuff." Regards, Steve Russell


Praise "I loved your loops. They were probably the best I have ever gotten from an internet site. Thank you so much! You will have my business
in the future." --Matt Henchcliffe


Praise "Rich, thanks for getting back to me. Download went fine. Drums sound great." Cheers, John Bisset


Praise "The downloads went just perfect. I'm a totally novice in the field of music making and it was my first time to find and download drumloops. Your website made it super easy!" Kind regards, Charlotte Krogh


  "Rich, I played the loops through my pro-tools system and they rock!!! Definitely some of the best sampled acoustic drums I've heard in a long time." Thanks again, - - Dom


  "Great stuff! Just the stuff I was looking for. I like the live feel of the loops. I am thinking I might order all your drum sets." - - Curtis


  "Howdy Rich, OK, groovy - I got my drum loops and let me tell you, I am extremely happy. Thank you very much for your help and for offering these great loops at such an affordable price. I truly look forward to doing business with you again. Rock on my Brother." - - Stan


  "Rich, Thanks for the grooves - the download worked perfectly and I was rocking in a few minutes. Seriously, these grooves were perfect for the project I was doing (120 Power Set)." - - Mike