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Natural Grooves - FAQs

Q: How long does it take to get the downloads I purchased?

A: As soon as payment is completed, an email is sent to your provided email address. This should only take a minute or two as it is a completely automated process.


Q: I never got an email with my download info what happened?

A: Good question... first check your junk email and spam email folders as it might have been put in there by your email service or the email might never have never gotten through to you if you are using a spam blocking service or if you provided a dummy email address that you do not use or does not exist. If you need your download links please use the contact email to email the information about your purchase along with a valid email address that the links can be sent to along with the PAYPAL TRANSACTION ID (not the web accept id). New download links cannot be sent to a different email address than the one specified at time of purchase without providing the PAYPAL TRANSACTION ID as a way to find and verify the purchase.


Q: How does the download shop work?

A: The download shop is automated and everything in it is available for immediate download worldwide 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your download instructions are automatically sent to the email address you use during check out so please make sure your email address is correct if you want your downloads. Emails will only be sent to the address you provide, so be sure it is accurate and up to date.


Q: How much time do I have to download my purchases and how many times can I download it?

A: Your instant download links are valid for 72 hours and you you get three (3) download attempts within that time period.


Q: I purchased a download set and it is not working. Why?

A: A fast internet connection is HIGHLY recommended in order that your transaction runs smoothly. A slow internet connection is most often the culprit in a failed download transaction. At times, servers do strange things so sometimes errors are unexpected. This is why you get a number of download attempts - it ensures the download will be completed as quickly and painlessly as it was intended.


Q: Can I get all the loops put on a CD and mailed them to me?

A: Please email us and we can quote a price based on how many loop sets you have purchased.


Q: I paid with an eCheck through PayPal and I am unable to download my loops. What is the problem?

A: eCheck payments generally take 2-5 days to clear through PayPal. Because our download store is an automated process, no download email with download instructions will be sent until the payment has actually cleared. This is nothing personal - it is just how the download store is designed to work. When it clears the download info will automatically be sent to you. If you need the links immediately, email us and we will see what we can do to help. We usually can.


Q: What format of drum loops do I need? What recording software are the Natural Grooves loops compatible with?

A: Based on our experience with the various loop and audio software currently available (as well as hardware based DAW's), here are our recommendations so you get the correct loop format for your needs:

  • Sony Acid (ALL Versions)- Acidized WAV (of course!)
  • All Cakewalk Products, including Cakewalk Sonar, Guitar Tracks, Home Studio - Acid WAV
  • Cubase - Acid WAV for newer versions, earlier versions use REX2
  • Garageband, Soundtrack - Apple Loops
  • Logic 7 - Apple Loops (If you have anything before Logic 7, use REX2)
  • Digital Performer - REX files are very popular. DP now can use Acidized WAV files (v3.1 and up) as well as Apple Loops/AIFF format loops (v4.5 and up).
  • Stand-alone DAW's (Roland VS1680, Boss 1180CD, Tascam, etc.) - Most DAWs use WAV format. Check your unit's specifications to be sure.
  • Ableton Live - Acidized Wav.

Of course, the final determination of the proper format for your recording setup should be yours. Check your software's help file for more specific information that can be covered here. Also, if you are still unsure, email us and we will get you a definitive answer.


Q: Can I adjust (either stretch or compress)the tempo of the Natural Grooves drum loops?

A: Yes. That is the major benefit of using loops. From our experience using the loops, you should be able to go 20-25 BPM UP in tempo and approximately 10-15 BPM DOWN in tempo. Loops, by their very nature, perform better and with more versatility going UP in tempo. So, if you are unsure of the tempo you need, always buy the loop set that is slower than your intended song target - stretching our grooves up will be a breeze. This is not to say you can not slow a loop down but increasing the tempo of loops seems to work better in almost all situations.


Q: Can I mix and match loops from different sets? Am I going to get random sounding drums from the same download set?

A: Yes, you are free to mix and match any loop from within a given session. We mixed each specific recording session identically so you can mix and match different groove sets at will. There are no random sounds or drum parts as found in other loop providers. We feel this offers the most flexibility. Just be sure to look for the specific session name ("Brooklyn Session" or San Francisco Session" etc) to get loops that will match sonically. Loops from different recording sessions are not guaranteed to work this way, however. They might, but they most likely will not. We strive for unique sounds with each session so check out the previews before you buy.


Q: Are multi-velocity single hits also provided?

A: Yes. Each recording session features a complete and matching single hit section of all the drums and cymbals used. They are recorded with multi-velocities to ensure the best flexibility and usability. We have found the single hits can be used to augment the loops - .i.e,. add a crash cymbal or maybe syncopate with a kick or snare- or to build full-out grooves using your software drum sequencer. Because you have the same sounds in both the loops and the single hit folders (again, within one recording session), you can take your grooves even further. These single hits provide many more possibilities for the songwriter.


Q: What is the Natural Grooves licensing agreement? Can I use Natural Grooves in my music, in any commercial shape or form?

A: Yes. So long as you use Natural Grooves in a musical context, you are fine. We are not uptight, overly-paranoid drummers here! In a nutshell, use the loops however you see fit musically. The only restriction is you may NOT repackage our loops (either by combining, processing or altering in any way without added music) and sell them again as loops. File sharing, redistribution, resale or reproduction of our drum loops is obviously and expressly prohibited. Look, help us keep providing you with great, low-cost grooves by sincerely following the licensing agreement. If you steal our loops, you might find us here anymore and you may have to buy grooves from another loop provider - now that would be the most tragic outcome of all. So, be cool, don't pirate our blood, sweat, and tears!

A full legal license agreement is available upon written request. It is quite boring so be forewarned.


Have a question not answered here? Email Natural Grooves at any time for personalized customer support and answers.


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